I wanted to talk about the 4 common marketing mistakes you can correct today. Often times with local small businesses the hardest part of marketing is the cost of getting a new customer. The expense that goes into getting a new customer inside your store or inside your practice as a new patient or a new customer can sometimes be costly and expensive. So, what I want to do is help shine light on some of the mistakes I’ve seen local small businesses do that can actually hurt them when acquiring new customers.


So, let’s start….


Mistake #4 Not using your website to generate leads

On your website, you might talk about your business or your services but on the first page your potential customers and visitors come to there is nowhere on the page to opt in. Opt in is a place where they can put in their email address and information in exchange for information. Now, the information can take many forms sometimes I’ve seen local businesses do newsletters or coupon offers but you want something that will get customers engaged and in your door. So not having a means to generate leads or potential customers on your website in the form of collecting email addresses or in some cases mailing addresses or birthdates hurts in acquiring customers to your business.
I know one of the things that’s very popular among small businesses are their websites quickly followed by their social media presence. Those are just some of the pieces that if you have one website to opt in that will help you in the long run because overtime you will be able to communicate with them and have them visit your store and customers.


Typical email service providers are Constant Contact, AWeber or MailChimp but there are many other options available for your particular needs.


Mistake #3 Not tracking your potential customers

There is a way in which you can put code on your website that actually helps to know where customers are coming from, where they’ve been and where they are going on your site. Those code pieces while they may seem intimidating they’re very easy to install. There are 2 main ones I would recommend installing on your website if you have not already. The first would be the Facebook pixel which you would get from Facebook to put on your website. The other is Google’s universal tracking code that you can install on your website is well and see the different steps they take on your website. This shows what’s working best to being your customers to your website.


Mistake #2 Not having a marketing strategy in place

More often than not there is a form of social media presence where businesses think that a like or a follow is enough to call yourself successful. The reality is this is no longer acceptable. You need to be able to meet your customer’s needs whether it’s through articles on your website, emails or video. You need to be able to educate and engage your customers so you know what works and what doesn’t to be able to bring customers into your door.


Mistake #1 Not knowing the Return on Investment (ROI)

Not knowing where your marketing dollars are going. You need to be clear on what you want to achieve in your marketing otherwise you’ll become susceptible and fall to wasting marketing dollars. And you won’t be able to actually track what is working in your marketing to be able to more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
So, by being able to track your ROI you would have a particular objective in mind. So, in the case if it’s to get customers in your door and you are running a Facebook ads campaign you know that for every person that clicks on your ad in Facebook x number of dollars goes towards acquiring them as a new customer. With the goal being they become a customer. Running ads like Facebook, Google or Bing give you a way to track what it means in dollars and cents to acquire a new customer.