There are 3 guiding rules that when used as part of your marketing approach will attract quality visitors and good leads which will have a growth impact in your next marketing campaign.

The 3 rules are:

#1 Know Your Target Audience. Known but so often over looked.

#2 Have an educational follow up email sequence. Typically, a neglected or misused form of communication.

#3 Divide and Compel Your Audience. It’s crucial to take the time to address your audience’s actual needs.

Rule #1: Know Your Target Audience

When marketing and selling your product or a service it is critical to know who is buying verses who you think you are selling to.
The difference is this…
Knowing who is buying allows you to repeat and scale your campaign and also gives you the flexibility to run multiple ads on different platforms (Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.).
QUICK TIP: To increase your sales look at why your audience is buying from you.


Rule #2: Have an educational follow up email sequence

Now you can’t just make a sale and not continue to build a relationship with your customer. This is where the email sequence takes center stage. Your educational follow up email sequence is your opportunity to not only thank the customer but provide them with ways they can use your product or the types of results they can achieve.

Mike Schauer over at has some very good example’s and analysis of emails both tested and controlled versions that could be used in your next email sequence.


Rule #3: Divide and Compel Your Audience

It’s best practice when a person opts in to your list to add them to a MAIN LIST and based on your email sequence start segmenting them depending on what actions they take with your emails. Once they take action you can add them to a SUB LIST. Even though they are segmented based on their preferences and needs in the SUB LIST you will want to still keep them in the MAIN LIST that way they don’t miss out on your future offers.

Follow these 3 rules and you’ll see your sales and customers increase.